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Nackamichi AV Receiver
Nackamichi AV Receiver

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CarMirror (For Android)

Intelligent 2-Way control app with screen mirroring function,brings your Smart Phone user experience on Car AV System.

How it works?

This Mirror Phone box can mirror your smart phone screen to CarMirror-AV system instantly. It can also support 2-way control between your smart phone & CarMirror-AV system after the free CarMirror app isdownloaded & installed.


As long as the Box is connected, it can project your smart phone screen to the display panel of the CarMirror-AV system smoothly

2-Way Control

After installing the free app of CarMirror from Google Play Store, you can and vice versa. operate your Smart Phone directly on the CarMirror-AV systemscreen

1-Way Control

Some smart phones are not using Android system. ( eg: iPhone and Blackberry, etc. ) 1-way control from smart phone to is supported. CarMirror-AV system

How to use mirroring?

Please choose from the following connecting methods or cables for your smart phone:

How to use CarMirror 2-Way Control in Android Smart Phone?

1. Download & Install the CarMirror App from Google Play

Download "CarMirror” app from Google Play Store or scan the QR code to install inside the Android Smart Phone

Remark:“CarMirror" is only available in Android version. iPhone does not support 2-way mirror control, only can support Mirror function.

2. CarMirror 2-Way Control Initial Startup.

Please follow the steps below to start up the CarMirror app:

3.Virtual Buttons

Press the “App” button on the CarMirror-AV system, and the virtual control buttons for the smart phone will pop up automatically.